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Book Review: Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham



Eleven year old Catherine Ann Benson is whisked away from her privileged, wealthy home after her parents were killed in a car accident. She only has one family member left who is willing to give her a home, her paternal grandmother Emma Benson. Emma Benson lives in a small Texas town called Kersey. Her modest house is on the opposite side of the spectrum that Catherine Ann was accustomed to. Her less than extravagant home was only part of her worries because her granddaughter, whom she has never me, has gone temporarily mute.

Before bringing her granddaughter to her new home Emma went to her longtime friend for a favor. Mabel Church was in Emma’s situation about seven years ago. Mabel’s nephew, Trey Don Hall, was left on her doorstep abandoned by both of his parents. Emma’s favor involved Mabel’s nephew and his best friend, John Caldwell. She asked them to watch out for Catherine Ann on her first day at her new school. At first the boys were apprehensive, but once they caught their first glances at the young blonde haired, blue eyed new girl their minds changed. As the two “leaders” of the sixth grade Trey and John were well loved by the teachers, envied by the boys, and sought after by the girls. Even at eleven years old both the boys were handsome, intelligent, and incredible at football. All of these attributes followed them into their high school careers.

It didn’t take long for Cathy, as she preferred to be called, John, and Trey to become an inseparable threesome. By the time they were in their last years of high school they already had the rest of their lives planned out. The three planned to go to the University of Miami. Trey and John planned to go to the school on a sports scholarship and play for the Miami Hurricanes while Cathy would get an academic scholarship and participate in the school’s medical program. Everything seemed perfectly planned, but when do plans ever pan out just the way they are envisioned?

Tumbleweeds follows Cathy, John, and Trey on their tumultuous journeys through their life until their early forties. Even though their teenaged years breezed by almost with a hitch, their adult years are filled with drama that involve; lying, cheating, and even murder. Along with the main trio the characters in this novel are easily likable and are easy to become attached to. The plot can be a little a little dry at first, but it does become immensely captivating. Leila Meacham’s first novel that does not take place in the world showcased in her successful novel, Roses, is a fantastic novel about how the slightest change can shift one’s entire world.