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Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown



The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is set up very similar to his other novel, The Da Vinci Code. Robert Landon is summoned suddenly to decipher a series of clues set up by a single antagonist. In the early morning hours of a quiet Sunday, Robert receives a call from his dear friend, Peter Solomon. Peter’s secretary informs Robert that Peter is hosting an event at the Rotunda in Washington D.C., but the main speaker has canceled at the last moment. Peter was hoping that Robert would fill in. Startled at the short noticed, Robert agrees. Peter’s secretary is relieved and sends a personal jet and limo to escort Robert to the Rotunda.

Robert arrives in Washington D.C. just minutes before his speech is due to start. When he arrives at the Rotunda, he is shocked to discover that there is no event scheduled. Confused he seeks answers from the security guard. After receiving no news, Robert’s cell phone rings. An unknown caller rings Robert’s cell phone telling him that Peter Solomon will die unless the Ancient Mysteries are deciphered. The Ancient Mysteries is a legend told by the prestigious Free Masons. Robert knew that Peter was a Mason, but he couldn’t fathom why he was being ordered to solve a century old puzzle. Chillingly, the caller proclaims that Peter uttered Robert’s name, insinuating that he had been tortured for information. As the caller hangs up a piercing scream echoes through the Rotunda.

Heart racing, Robert follows the direction of the screaming. A woman is trying to calm her young son who continues to scream. To Robert’s horror there’s a human hand placed in the middle of the floor, its thumb and pointer finger form an arrow pointing to the ceiling. To his horror he recognizes the Masonic ring on the ring finger, Peter’s severed hand begins Robert’s harrowing journey to solving an age old mystery.

Having not read The Da Vinci Code in a few years, the antagonist in The Lost Symbol seems to be much more sinister and dangerous. The man goes by the name Mala’ka and is obsessed with becoming a perfect being by transforming his body in order to sacrifice to the demons. He has covered his fit, muscular body with symbolic tattoos all relating to centuries old Masonic symbolism. There is only one patch of skin that is free of any ink which is on the crown of Mala’ka’s head. He is looking to fill that space with the Ancient Mysteries that Peter Solomon has information about. In Peter’s possession is a small pyramid that has been passed down through Mason brothers for generation. Once solved, the pyramid would reveal a map that would lead to a place in Washington D.C. that houses the Ancient Mysteries. Mala’ka will stop at nothing to get the information he wants. He is willing to dismember, torture, and kill without an ounce of remorse.

Robert Langdon does not work alone during the novel. Peter’s sister, Katherine, is frantic about her brother’s predicament and is more than willing to help Robert find him. She is also being pursued by Mala’ka because of her research. Katherine is researching a new type of science. Her research is based around finding whether or not humans have souls and if the souls do exist is it a measureable matter. Mala’ka does not want this information to become public. Robert also works alongside another of Peter’s friends, a Mason brother named Warren Bellamy. Warren has also been contacted by Mala’ka to assist Robert in deciphering the clues. The most surprising involvement comes from the CIA. Like Robert, Katherine, and Warren, the CIA was also contacted by Mala’ka. He has video of his Masonic initiation showed the faces of other Mason brothers which included many men with very high authority in Washington D.C. CIA Director Inoue Sato is a tiny, Japanese woman who, despite her size, is a fiery force that is not to be reckoned with. Once she comes in contact with Robert Langdon it’s difficult to ascertain whether she’s working for or against Mala’ka.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol is extremely hard to put down. Each chapter brings new information on how these sinister events started. Robert Langdon is not only racing against time to save Peter Solomon’s life, but it’s not too long until he realizes that he may not survive through the night.