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Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin Stystems Review



Acne, blemish, pimple; whatever you refer to those annoying spots that sprout on your face and other parts of your body, they are frustrating. I’ve suffered from mild acne for about ten years. I’ve tried so many different face washes over the years: Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, Yes to Tomatoes, and ProActive just to name a few. None seemed to work. Some dried out my skin, others did absolutely nothing. In my freshman year of college, I was talking to one of my friends who also suffered from acne. She recommended Clinique. Even though it was expensive she swore by it. Since I was a mere poor college student, I scoffed at the almost $70 price.

Two years ago my Mom gave me a trial size Clinique acne solutions clear skin systems for Christmas. I was so anxious to try it. After using the solution for three days I started to see a difference in my face. There were a few stubborn pimples that had popped up out of nowhere were already almost completely gone. Thoroughly impressed, I continued to use the kit until it was gone. When I went to purchase the full size version I was disappointed that the price hadn’t changed. Foolishly, I was determined to find a cheaper acne solution. So here I am again, I’ve tried even more drugstore acne solutions that either caused more break outs or simply sat on my face doing nothing. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and order the full size kit because it works. Really works.  

The Clinique acne solutions clear skin systems comes with three treatment steps. Step one is a cleansing foam. The cleansing foam is supposed to help clear and prevent acne. It also removes dirt and excess oils, unclogs pores, calms, soothes and reduces redness. All of this leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable. Step two is a clarifying lotion. This is a medicated formula that exfoliates to clear dead surface cells and reduces excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Like step one, step two unclogs pores. The clarifying lotion also boasts to soothe irritation and redness without drying. Step three is the all-over cleaning treatment. This benzoyl peroxide lotion helps treat existing acne and help prevent future breakouts.

Clinique recommend using this kit twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, my skin is too sensitive to use twice daily. So I use it once a day before I go to bed and still have amazing results.

Hopefully this review will aid some of you into trying Clinique for your acne troubles. Please be aware that all skin is different. What works for me may not work for you.

Take care!


Maybelline BB Cream–Yay or Nay?


For the past year BB creams have been one of the most talked about item in the make-up world. Because my skin is acne prone I have been holding off on trying a BB cream. I like a foundation that gives me a decent amount of coverage. However, during the summer I hate wearing foundation. The heat and humidity always makes my foundation feel like it’s melting off of my face. So a few months ago I decided to pick up Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.

Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream is an eight-in-one beauty balm skin perfector. This cream is supposed to: blur imperfections, enhance, brighten, adjusts to skin-tone, smoothes, hydrate, SPF 30 protection, and has 0% oils and other heavy ingredients. After using up one bottle, I’ve found that this BB cream doesn’t do all that it promises. I haven’t found that it blurs imperfections, enhances, or brightens. Since this has been my first experience using a BB cream, I’m not certain if these benefits will occur after a prolonged use.

Despite not having all of the benefits that was promised, Maybelline’s Bream Fresh BB cream isn’t bad. I did purchase another bottle because I did love the lightness of the cream. I also enjoyed how hydrated my skin felt after application. It seems as though BB creams are perfect for summertime because it goes on lightly and doesn’t feel like you have a layer of foundation on your face in the humid sun.

If you have sensitive, acne prone skin like me, this product should be okay to use. Now I know that everyone’s skin is different, but this BB cream didn’t cause me to break out. After my second bottle is complete, I may try another BB cream just to compare.

What are some of your favorite BB creams? Feel free to leave a comment or any tips!

Lavender Chamomile Body Mist…A Good Night’s Sleep?


Bath and Body Works is one store that I dread entering…mainly because I know I’m going to be spending a long of money. On one of my last trips, I ventured to their aromatherapy line. The products in the ‘sleep’ section caught my eye. Insomnia creeps up on me once in awhile so I thought that buying a product that promotes sleep would be beneficial.

I purchased the lavender chamomile body mist for $15 USD. The glass bottle that I purchased holds 4 fluid ounces of mist. The blurb stamped across the bottom of the bottle reads: sleep well, lavender and chamomile essential oils soothe and calm to enhance sleep. I’ve used this product a couple of times when I’ve had an extremely difficult time falling asleep. Although it doesn’t make me drowsy, the body mist does help calm my swimming mind.

I would recommend the lavender and chamomile body mist from Bath and Body Works to those looking for a way to calm their mind before falling asleep even if you’re not found of the scent of lavender. Personally, I’m not found of lavender, but surprisingly the lavender isn’t strong. The lavender and the chamomile scents compliment each other quite nicely. With a few sprays of this lightly fragranced mist, a calming sleep is not too far off.