Monthly Archives: February 2014

Can We Talk About Inspiration For A Moment?

If you’re a writer or have dabbled in anything creative you know that inspiration may not always be available. Writing is my creative outlet, but sometimes inspiration can elude me. It may sleep through my fingers like grains of sand.

On the other hand, inspiration can come on at any time. For example, last night inspiration came to me around 11:30pm. Nothing like trying to get some sleep on a Sunday night when inspiration comes knocking. There are two different options when in these kind of situations; you can simply attempt to fall back to sleep and hope that the inspiration will come back. Or you can switch on a little reading light, grab your pen and notebook and start writing. According to most of the literature I’ve read regarding writing when inspiration hits you, it’s best to continue writing until the idea is completely written down, even if it takes a few hours to extrapolate from your mind.

Inspiration knows no boundaries. It will come to you whether you’re ready or not. It’s up to us as creative thinkers to act on these inspirations. What are your thoughts on inspiration? Do you have a difficult time in gaining inspiration? Or does inspiration come naturally to you? Feel free to leave a comment.