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Maybelline BB Cream–Yay or Nay?


For the past year BB creams have been one of the most talked about item in the make-up world. Because my skin is acne prone I have been holding off on trying a BB cream. I like a foundation that gives me a decent amount of coverage. However, during the summer I hate wearing foundation. The heat and humidity always makes my foundation feel like it’s melting off of my face. So a few months ago I decided to pick up Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.

Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream is an eight-in-one beauty balm skin perfector. This cream is supposed to: blur imperfections, enhance, brighten, adjusts to skin-tone, smoothes, hydrate, SPF 30 protection, and has 0% oils and other heavy ingredients. After using up one bottle, I’ve found that this BB cream doesn’t do all that it promises. I haven’t found that it blurs imperfections, enhances, or brightens. Since this has been my first experience using a BB cream, I’m not certain if these benefits will occur after a prolonged use.

Despite not having all of the benefits that was promised, Maybelline’s Bream Fresh BB cream isn’t bad. I did purchase another bottle because I did love the lightness of the cream. I also enjoyed how hydrated my skin felt after application. It seems as though BB creams are perfect for summertime because it goes on lightly and doesn’t feel like you have a layer of foundation on your face in the humid sun.

If you have sensitive, acne prone skin like me, this product should be okay to use. Now I know that everyone’s skin is different, but this BB cream didn’t cause me to break out. After my second bottle is complete, I may try another BB cream just to compare.

What are some of your favorite BB creams? Feel free to leave a comment or any tips!


Amazing Finds At A Local Book Sale!

I’ve been extremely busy the past three weeks with my volunteer job, but I was able to make some time to check out my local library’s book sale yesterday. After being to a previous book sale a couple of years ago, I wasn’t expecting to find too many books to sort through. Yesterday was an exception. There were rows upon rows upon rows of used books available. It was overwhelming! The prices were ridiculously reasonable as well. Paperback books were $.50, hardcovers were $2. While some of the newer releases were individually marked, none were priced higher than $5. I purchased six books for $11! I’m so tempted to make another trip this evening.

Check out your local library to see if they’re hosting a book sale. Not only will you find awesome books at a low price, you will also be supporting your library! Purchase a bag full of books for a good cause :).


A Journey To Slumber (Late Night Writing Piece)


My body aches. My eyes are heavy, but sleep does not come. A world of darkness lies just outside the window inviting sweet slumber. There’s a bed beneath my tired bones, a soft beacon inviting me to sleep. Yet my mind continues to turn. Thoughts tumble over one another in a raging storm. Each turning more wildly than the last. Unhappiness, depression, anxiety. Before long the storm picks up. All feelings of negativity whirl into an otherworldly being set on destruction. There’s no one coming to the rescue. No heroes, no avengers; no one.

Despite the comfort of the cool bed beneath me; its sheets cool against my tired legs, the storm rages within. As the clock ticks ever closer to midnight tidal waves crash against the walls of my cranium. Never stopping. Always ticking along.

Not all is lost. The storm must get worse before it gets better. Soon the clouds will clear, the rain will cease, and the wind will stop blowing. Instead of the shining sun, the moon will light a path into slumber. The twinkling stars will help guide the way. Sleep is not far off in the distance. Its relaxing glow draws me towards a night of solace. Instead of a storm, dreams begin to blossom. Dreams that only I can witness. Some will be lost when I awaken. They will be lost in the vast mysteries of my subconscious; a gaping hole that is completely foreign to me. Only the strongest dreams will be remembered.

A dreamer’s duty is to dream of something pleasurable. Nightmares are not welcome. The storm has stopped. The otherworldly being as been defeated. I have helped my saviors. I have helped myself become one with sleep.

Book Review: Titanic by Tony Aspler


Rating: 3/5

I purchased this novel from a used book store a couple of years ago. While not one of my favorite finds, the title intrigued me. I love anything about the Titanic.

Mystery…murder…money on board the world’s most famous and tragic ship.

This fictional story is centered around Henry Blexill, an English butler who was plucked from his life long place of work in London by a rich American banker. Accustomed to being treated like family from his previous employer, Henry is treated very differently at his new place of service. His boss, Thaddeus Tarr, is a brutish man intent on making even more money to add to his substantial wealth. One of the things that he stresses to Henry is loyalty. Anyone working for Thaddeus Tarr must be loyal to him and only him.

Henry soon realizes that not only is Tarr the most greedy man he has ever met, but also the most ruthless. Tarr becomes furious when people have things that he doesn’t; a characteristic that hurts his reputation more than he knows. He is intent on matching the wealth of his main competitor, J.P. Morgan.

Despite Tarr’s insistent rules of royalty, Henry is fired for breaking this key rule. Henry flees from the Tarr’s summer residence after being caught in bed with Tarr’s mistress. Before leaving the grounds, Henry discovers a bloodied fire poker and realizes that Tarr has blood on his hands. Fearing for his life, Henry returns to New York and snags a job as a wine steward with the White Star Line.

Not long after joining the White Star Line, Henry is able to secure a job on the company’s newest ship, the Titanic. The Titanic was said to be the biggest and grandest ship that had ever been built. There were even rumors that the man-made ship was unsinkable, not even God Himself could sink that ship. Naturally, Thaddeus Tarr and his family were sailing on Titanic’s maiden voyage. However, Tarr isn’t looking to enjoy rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s wealthiest, he’s looking to uphold his position as a wealthy businessman despite the fact that he is losing millions because of his falling stocks. Despite the dangers that surround Tarr and his unsavory way of business, he can’t escape his pursuers even in the middle of the Atlantic.

When Henry realizes that his previous employer is on the ship he becomes obsessed with bringing Tarr to justice for the crimes he has committed. He attempts to find out who has followed Tarr on the Titanic with the intent on murder. Although he discovers the identity of the assailant, it’s too late. The Titanic had already struck the deadly iceberg and was sinking head first into the Atlantic ocean.

Even though Titanic has an intriguing plot, the storyline doesn’t bring many results. Some scenes tend to become a bit dry and even seem out of place. One particular example was the emphasis on Henry’s relationship with a woman named Kittie. They meet after Henry becomes a wine steward for the White Star Line. The explanation of their relationship is short, but Henry secures a position for her on the Titanic as a second class stewardess. The last we read of her occurs when the crew is desperately trying to board passengers on life boats. With one last kiss and the promise to meet up in New York, Kittie is places on a life boat and lowered into the frigid Atlantic. The novel ends abruptly with Henry being hoisted out of the ocean not long after the ship is completely submerged. We never find out if he makes it to New York to start a happy life with Kittie.